Presentation of Thesis

Weboeconomia wishes to help young scholars have their work and research program better known. The work of scholars who have recently defended their Ph.D dissertation is often known only by a small network of searchers of the same discipline, working on similar themes. Recent evolutions in economics—as well as in connected disciplines such as history, philosophy, sociology, psychology—show that an increasing number of problems are tackled from different perspectives and could be fruitfully connected.

In order to help scholars broadcast their work inside and outside the usual disciplinary boundaries and to stimulate further collaborations, Thesis is devoted to the presentation of young scholars’ research and results. Thesis will also serve as a source of information for organizing workshops and seminars.

Submit to Thesis

Weboeconomia invites young scholars to submit a presentation of their Ph.D dissertation and of any original work done in relation to it. Presentations shall be limited to 2500 words and to a short list of references. Submissions should be made directly to http://www.editorialmanager.com/oec/.

Authors shall follow the same process as for an article. In the process of submission, at the step of selecting the article type, choose “Thesis.” Use the “Enter comments” step to indicate the following information: Title of the Ph.D dissertation / Date of defense of the Ph.D dissertation / Current affiliation / Dissertation advisor, and any other information that you would like the Editors to know about. Contributions to Thesis are published with a picture. Once your submission has been accepted for publication in Weboeconomia, you will be asked to provide a picture.